Our Members Go Pro!

Looking to support our current and former members?  Check out these spots!  Our members have opened and work at some great locations around Kansas City and would love to see you there.

6515 Railroad St, Raytown, MO 64133

Eric Claycamp – Assistant Brewer

Taylor Jones – Assistant Brewer

949 NE Columbus, Lee’s Summit, MO 64086

Devin Glaser – Owner/Brewer

Sean Householder – Owner/Brewer

Mac Lamken – Owner/Brewer

Nigel Woodberry – Beertender

1201 W Main St, Blue Springs, MO 64015

David Mann – Owner/Brewer

Alex Workman – Assistant Brewer

10 SW 3rd St, Lee’s Summit, MO 64063

Brian Bixby – Owner

Brad Boehm – Owner

Brian Freymuller – Brewer

Nigel Woodberry – Beertender

316 Grand Ave, Spencer, IA 51301

Nick Applegate – Owner/Brewer

3421B NW Jefferson St, Blue Springs, MO 64015

Tony DiPlacito – Owner/Brewer

Kevin AuBuchon – Assistant Brewer

Billy Bartlett – Assistant Brewer

Kyle Wilckens – Beertender

Nigel Woodberry – Beertender

Breweries Coming Soon...

Broken Hatchet Brewing

Coming soon to Belton, MO

Brad Steele – Owner/Brewer

Iron Hatchet Brewing

Coming soon to Grain Valley, MO

Brian Fenstermaker – Owner/Brewer

The Goat Brewing Co

Coming soon to Lee’s Summit, MO

Jeremy Kneeland – Owner/Brewer